Prince Lofton is a stark advocate for service having spent time as a youth support specialist and an intern for Voice Of The Experienced. Prince has obtained a bachelor’s degree in general studies with a concentration in political science at LSUS. Prince was also the vice president of LSUS in 2017 and spent an entire year promoting the university by being on a 20 foot poster on the Sportran bus!


Mr. Lofton is currently a 2nd year law student at the prestigious university of Loyola in New Orleans. Prior to starting his internship as a legal intern, Prince spent severak  months as a summer law clerk at Southeast Legal Law Services in New Orleans. 

Before joining The Golden Ticket Project in 2019, Jarrett worked for a diverse range of organizations, including youth centers, non-profit organizations, and legal organizations. In these roles, Prince was responsible for youth mentoring as well as administrative duties in legal services. He also specializes in leadership training.

Mr. Lofton’s varied background in youth mentoring, legal services. and administrative duties has provided the perfect foundation for his current position as the secretary of The Golden Ticket Project. He is a strategist, a socialite, an eloquent speaker, and he will be one of America’s elite attorneys and most prestigious people because of his class, charm, professionalism, and heart for justice, equality, and fairness. 

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