Dominique Moreland has spent a lifetime as an entrepreneur. She has more than 8 years of experience in web design, 2 years as a licensed bail bondsman, 1 years as a licensed child care provider, 4 years in personal assistance, 13 years as a pianist, 3 years as a Louisiana certified English teacher, and she has also served as a piano teacher and a social studies teacher. She has a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from LSUS and she aspires to be an attorney and eventually a judge. Currently, she is half-way finished with her master’s degree in education and serves as head musician and music department chair of her church.

Believing that there is no true end goal to life and that education and success are lifelong pursuits, she founded the Golden Ticket Project to give back to the community and to pay it forward in honor of all of the people who have contributed to her triumphs.

As a Shreveport native and having spent her childhood on the Cooper Road, Ms. Moreland has always dreamed of living a prosperous life and improving her community. She serves as president of The Golden Ticket Project and in this role, Ms. Moreland uses her drive, her motivation, her talents, her ambition, and her desire to help people through this organization. 

The Golden Ticket Project is a manifestation of her love for humanity. She truly believes that there are no bad people, only bad decisions; some of the poor decisions that people make can be detoured if they are given the proper support, resources, and cultivation. 

Having said this, Dominique Moreland hopes to leave a legacy behind that would result in vast improvements in how people with vitiligo are treated and how the arts and music are celebrated. She looks to eradicate hunger by providing both cooked and uncooked food via the soup kitchen and through food giveaways. She also wants to end homelessness by providing housing to individuals and families and helping to provide people with trades, degrees, and certificates to help them improve their financial prospects and to build wealth.


Ms. Moreland wants to spearhead educational services that will permanently disrupt the preschool to prison pipeline, to prevent youth violence by fostering counseling programs and productive community activities, to fight against truancy by assisting students and families with the support needed so that students can make it to school safely, and by providing after-school services that include tutoring and recreational activities. She also wants to perform research that can help to improve any of these areas.


By living in her purpose, she hopes to be able to one day hear GOD say “well done”.

The Golden Ticket Project

Giving people the golden ticket to a golden life!


Phone: 318-200-2846

Mail: P.O. Box 52754 / Shreveport, LA 71135

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