TaShakka Stills is no stranger to the music industry, having spent over 30 years as a musician and an entrepreneur. He has decades of musical experience as a studio owner, pianist, producer, audio engineer, songwriter, and teacher. Prior to starting his band, Front Cover, Mr. Stills spent six years as a minister of music for New Hope Church.

Mr. Stills has successfully served a range of clergy clients including pastors, and preachers. He has also produced musical work for independent singers, rappers, and spoken word arti Drawing on several years experience in music, being the minister of music, and after a successful career in the music industry, he now coaches other people how to achieve the same success.


TaShakka is also a proud, honorably discharged Marine veteran. In his various roles, Mr. Stills has been responsible for orchestration of church music, execution of music direction, and serving as a church leader. 

Mr. Stills can be described as humble, loyal, humorous, family-oriented, and above all else, trustworthy. His experience as a church leader combined with his ethical and upstanding morals more than qualifies him to serve as the treasurer of The Golden Ticket Project.

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